Veil Cover Cream

Rebranding & repositioning a national cosmetics brand for growth

Veil is a specialist brand of camouflage make-up designed to provide long-lasting cover for a range of skin imperfections such as vitiligo, port wine stains and rosacea. In an effort to engage with new customers and elevate the brand, Veil approached The Creative Alchemist to create a meaningful marketing strategy. Through a series of transformational and thought provoking brand workshops with the team at Veil, we delved into the world of the cosmetic brand - meeting with key members of staff to uncover exactly what makes Veil special, road-tested the product ourselves and meticulously audited their current brand projection.

To start with, we gave the brand a visual refresh - reinvigorating it with a new colour palette which would appeal to all of the identified target customers, and giving it a more cosmetic, rather than clinical, focus. We redesigned the brand's eCommerce website in-line with the new digital brand strategy, creating engaging video tutorials and content, revamping the brand’s social media channels and re-thinking their language and tone of voice. With a ‘no photoshop’ policy, the new brand is honest and truthful, injecting integrity into an industry that is saturated by ‘perfect’ images.

During our brand workshops, we discovered that the cosmetics industry is extremely competitive, often with little differentiation between brands. Purchasing cosmetics is an emotive process for many consumers, so we wanted to help Veil Cover Cream build traction with a wider audience, promoting it as a solution to a variety of skin issues which people can relate to.