Laying the foundations of a new brand

When two organisations merge it can throw up a lot of tricky questions. Is a new brand identity needed? What should the company be called moving forward? When Fulcrum, a specialist GP service and substance misuse service in Teesside, joined forces with Haven Medical Practice, they commissioned us to help them work it out.

The partnership of the two specialist medical practices meant that the new brand had to focus on the shared vision of being able to provide an even more holistic level of care for people who feel they are on the edges of society. Bespoke workshops helped us to pinpoint the essence of what the partnership was about and what they were trying to achieve.

The new brand needed to be warm, welcoming and non-judgemental due to the complex needs of its core service users. Inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the name ‘Foundations’ was chosen - perfectly fitting the new combined vision and a complex target audience to cater for. ‘Foundations’ clearly communicates the importance of getting the basics of your life right to allow you to develop and grow.

A simple, friendly brand with a soft illustrative approach was created, positioning Foundations miles apart from its traditionally white and clinical competitors. The hand-drawn approach communicates the personable nature of Foundations, giving them that essential ‘human’ quality, and the use of the colour teal represents the balance and compassion of the new Foundations brand.