Sport England

Personal bests... Just not as you know them

We're currently working with the South Tees local delivery pilot to develop a campaign which would encourage people to be more active, more often. To achieve this we’ve focussed on the idea of ‘personal bests’. So we’re not talking about being the fastest, the most skilled or the strongest - we’re talking about the ‘best’ in relation to each individual’s abilities - maybe they did an extra 50 metres at swimming, maybe they went swimming for the first time ever, or maybe they’ve not been swimming just yet but have signed up to a class.

This concept is based around the idea that every little counts. All those little wins can add up to make a huge difference to your quality of life. It seems in this day and age people only share the really good stuff they get up to, but if we are advocates of the idea that even the smallest of efforts are good enough, perhaps this would encourage a shift in mindset. People will start to think more positively about small changes, little wins and bitesize progress. The case study shows the campaign at its current state and will continue to develop with the project.

We’ve replaced the fastest times, the quickest speeds and the furthest distances with more realistic achievements, but kept the recognisable styling of sport scoreboards to help communicate these are still great achievements.