The Curing House

Branding a unique dining experience

The Curing House is a brand new dining concept in a refurbished victorian terraced house on Bedford Street, Middlesbrough. We were thrilled when they approached us to generate a name for the restaurant and create their new brand identity.

We delivered a series of brand workshops that focused on generating a name and this resulted in ‘The Curing House’ which combined a homely feel that reflected the terraced house and the food they would be serving.

The creative inspiration for the Curing House focused around the art/process of charcuterie and the textures/colours found in victorian terraced housing.

With a clear brand direction and the target audience defined, we designed the brand identity. The creative inspiration for this focused around the art of charcuterie and the process.

It consists of two curing hooks displayed to show a house in the negative space. A friendly secondary font complements its warm colour palette which adds meaning to the brand’s values of being a homely, yet a unique dining experience.