Why I Move

A campaign that delves a little deeper

As part of our work on Sport England's pilot to promote physical activity in South Tees, we have created a public-facing campaign to encourage those who are inactive to get active. Insight told us that although our target audience knew how to be active, they didn't necessarily understand the broad range of reasons why it was so good for them. They didn't understand the value. It was our task to come up with a campaign that would communicate the huge range of benefits that leading an active life can have.

So what can activity do for us? Maintaining a healthy weight and muscle strength are obvious advantages of an active lifestyle, but keeping moving can also positively impact other, seemingly unrelated, areas of your life. For example, getting active can help you relax, unwind and enjoy life more, manage the symptoms of Parkinson's and even alleviate insomnia so you can wake up feeling fresher. Some use activity as a way to ease anxious thoughts, meet new people or just simply to give them a mood booster!

We created a campaign called 'Why I Move' to highlight all of the unique and individual ways local people are using activity to benefit their lives. By concentrating on ‘why’ people are active, the campaign uncovers the deeper, personable reasons for staying active and is much more emotionally engaging than simply listing health benefits.

We created a vibrant, fun campaign, experimenting with a journalling/scrapbooking look to give an approachable and personable feel. The brand created is very flexible, allowing our client to showcase stories with or without photos (not everyone likes the limelight!). Bold shapes and sticker-style graphics give an upbeat, positive vibe that helps to frame getting active as a fun thing to do.

The copywriting has also been given a light-hearted, conversational tone to help make the campaign feel relatable, aligning it to the overall You've Got This brand guidelines, which we originally designed.