The Junction

An extraordinary brand for extraordinary people

The Junction is a well respected charity passionate about supporting children, young people and families to live better and happier lives.

By reducing isolation, improving mental wellbeing and helping young people find employment they seek to create a world where no child, young person or family is left to struggle and there is always someone to talk to.

Despite offering a fantastic service, the charity was struggling with how to articulate what they stood for. They had no brand strategy and felt like their existing visual identity needed to feel more genuine and real.

Our research left no stone unturned. Through a series of brand workshops with staff and young people, 1-1 interviews and even an interview with the original founder we were able to redefine what the charity stood for.

One of the key things that came out of the workshops was that spending time with staff at The Junction really boosted confidence. It pushed people out of their comfort zones and supported them in trying new things. The strong sense of family at the charity meant that they could more easily navigate their way through life, unlocking their potential in a fun way.

In a way, there is a sense of adventure at The Junction. Trying new things and meeting new people means that more young people are growing up happier, more resilient and healthier.

To communicate this we have developed a soft illustration style that is unique to The Junction. The characters shown are each on their own journey, overcoming obstacles and learning new skills along the way. Different 'worlds' such as land, coast and space represent that each person's journey is individual to them.

We redesigned the logo with a bespoke, hand-drawn typeface that is softer and friendlier as well as reworking the style of the copy to tie in with the overall 'journey' theme, creating a warm and positive tone of voice.

The new brand allows The Junction to market its support in a more effective way so it reaches the right people as well as galvanise support from funders and donors. With complete consistency across all its communications, The Junction has become stronger than ever.

“I worked closely with Lisa on the rebranding of The Junction where I used to be Chief Executive. Her passion for the project was clear from the start and it was this relationship that made the process so pleasurable. Working with Lisa and the whole team was an absolute pleasure - with their valuable input we have managed to create a much needed, game-changing brand for an incredibly good cause and will hopefully make a lasting impact to the lives of children and young people!”

Lawrence McAnelly, former Chief Executive of The Junction