Geoffrey Robinson

Modernising an ambitious engineering business

Geoffrey Robinson Limited (GRL) are a full-service mechanical and electrical engineering company providing competitive yet high-quality B2B building services. They have ambitions to become the 'go-to' building services company in the north and they approached us to help them achieve this through a strategic brand update.

Our workshop with the GRL team helped us uncover what they wanted to achieve from rebranding. We discovered that their family heritage and investment in their staff was very important to them, but they wanted to modernise their current brand to ensure they would stand out from their competitors and showcase their credibility in the industry. GRL wanted to do this whilst retaining something that was emotionally important to them as a family, their logo.

We use archetypes to develop a client’s brand. These are decided based on the findings from the workshop and influence a brand’s personality, giving direction and clarity when we undertake the ‘Create’ part of our process. We worked closely with GRL to determine that their three archetypes were the hero, mentor and engineer. This helped us to shape their brand to ensure it reflected their ambition. Through the use of abstract arrows and connecting graphics, we were able to demonstrate the forward-thinking culture at GRL. The complex nature of these patterns helps emphasise the 'engineer' archetype of the brand and subtly demonstrates how they work methodically to find solutions.

Along with these abstract graphics we commissioned a photographer to capture imagery that showed the team working together, passing on their knowledge and solving problems together. The 'mentor' archetype was very important for them as they are passionate about investing in the future generation of engineers. In the ‘Explore’ stage of our process, we discovered that GRL needed a new, bespoke website to help them tap into new, larger markets. The website needed to help them stand out from competitors and give potential clients the confidence that they were the right team for the job.