Tees Components

Reaffirming an award-winning subcontractor's brand values

Working on some incredibly high profile projects including The Channel Tunnel, Wembley Arch and the Sir David Attenborough polar research vessel, Tees Components is one of the largest machining capacities in the UK. We were commissioned by the award-winning subcontractor to help them reaffirm their brand values.

From conversations with the client as well as a tour of their impressive facilities, we were able to gain the insights to create a unique and strong brand, setting them apart from the competition. It was clear that there were key themes that needed to be communicated in the new brand including scale, precision, size and accuracy.

To reflect the scale of the work completed by Tees Components, we created a bespoke, heavy, type-based logo, inspired by the equipment used by their engineers.

The strength of the logo lies in its connected and interlocking letterforms - this approach helped us further communicate the accuracy and precision of Tees Component's work, both important aspects of the new, invigorated brand. The cool colour palette was inspired by the materials used to create the components, with the range of blues providing a sense of trust and stability.

We commissioned a photographer to create a new image bank, concentrating on the themes of scale and size as well as showing the accuracy of the work. Following the brand work, we have created business stationery and marketing materials and are currently developing a new website to showcase their portfolio of work more effectively.