Creating a brand for a new snow, retail and leisure destination

Subzero will be an exciting, new destination for snow sports, leisure and retail. Designed by acclaimed architects, FaulknerBrowns, this ambitious dockside development is more than just somewhere to ski or board. It will be one of only a handful of indoor snow centres in the UK and the first of its kind in the northeast.

The brief stipulated this was much more than just about snow. It's an immersive leisure and retail destination with a diverse offer that will include rock climbing, bowling, a gym, associated retail as well as various places to eat. Along with attracting thrill seekers it will also be a fun place where families can spend a whole day or where friends can catch up and relax.

We were asked to create a name and brand identity for the development. We carried out a creative workshop to establish a name, tone of voice and customer profiles.

The name ‘Subzero’ has an edgy feel to it without focussing too much on the snow aspect. A bespoke wordmark of the name was created, taking inspiration from the zig-zag nature of tracks left in the snow when skiing or boarding down a mountain.

The overall brand identity centres on the feeling of being active and having fun, with dynamic graphics to depict a sense of movement and action. The dramatic, neon colour palette communicates a daring and fearless brand personality. We also produced a promotional brochure and website landing page to attract commercial interest in Subzero.

“I absolutely love the brand that’s been created. It doesn’t feel predictable, really packs a punch and looks exciting and unique - just what we need to attract commercial interest in Subzero.”

Rachael Howson, Cool Runnings.