HR Alchemy

An identity less ordinary

In the heart of the North East you’ll find HR Alchemy - a HR company set up by entrepreneur Jo Davies. With a clear desire for something less ordinary, we were commissioned to create a brand identity that would break the mould and get tongues wagging. From sorting contracts to creating enticing employee engagement strategies, HR Alchemy offers a complete package for businesses of all sizes. Jo’s ability to create seamless synergy between all areas of the business, making sure businesses’ most important asset are looked after - their staff.

The brand provides a very strong link back to the name of the company, creating a very distinct and strong identity. The concept visually complements the theme of alchemy by taking inspiration from the alchemical table of elements and the symbol-based approach taken to represent elements. It’s a confident brand with a fun edge to it, which conjures up thoughts of magic, chemistry and science. In addition to the brand ID, we created bespoke letterforms to create a logo that will stand out against the competition.

The colour palette uses a neon green, with the inspiration for this coming from in-depth research through which we uncovered information about a curious-sounding ‘Emerald Tablet’ - a legendary text originating in Egypt that is reputed to contain the secrets of the universe. A dark blue compliments this well along with white and a cool grey.

“When the initial designs came back, I was blown away. One of the three brand themes that The Creative Alchemist created was exactly how I had imagined - unconventional and bold.

The service at the Creative Alchemist is professional and friendly and costed precisely, which is invaluable. I really cannot thank the team enough. They really are masters of their profession, and they have truly transformed my business.”

Jo Davies, Managing Director