Naming and branding a tasty, new start-up

With a hunger for change, as well as a huge amount of experience already under their belts, the founders of Flexi Training approached us to help them position their new start-up, Foodsphere. Offering online training, Jo and Rachel's new venture would be completely unique, offering the food industry a huge, but very niche, helping of courses, training and accreditations. It would be a company created by experts, for experts.

Businesses and individuals can learn new skills and gain accreditations, with courses being very varied and covering anything from helping factories understand health and safety, supporting nutritionists to update their knowledge on hydration to offering food preparation courses for the catering and hospitality sector.

Set up in the midst of the pandemic, this ambitious duo's vision is to become the UK food industry’s top partner for first-class training courses. To do this they must live their brand essence and truly become known as "the people who know everything about food."

Success for them is seeing their own clients being able to offer a first-class service, because of the training they've provided them. They want Foodsphere to be the ones who set the standard, not someone else.

"The Creative Alchemist has been the ideal solution for developing our courses into an online training platform. The naming, branding and colour palette used for Foodsphere fits perfectly with how we wanted our business to look. They exceeded all our expectations and developed a brand which captures the extensive knowledge and experience Foodsphere can offer the food industry. We were especially pleased with the professional finish of the website and branding. It has been a pleasure to work with the Creative Alchemist team and we look forward to working with them again in the future."

Rachel West, Founder

"Our three-phase approach to branding is our tried and tested method for creating great brands like Foodsphere. It connects good strategy with good creativity. We believe in our approach because we've seen it work over and over again."

Lisa Holt, Managing Director, The Creative Alchemist

We named the new venture 'Foodsphere' to help communicate that a whole world full of food-related learning was available at your fingertips. The round logo further helps communicate this concept, whilst the curved typography helps to create a playful-looking exciting and dynamic identity.

The wider brand continues the theme of 'spheres' by using circles and hoops to hold important imagery, data and information. Carefully chosen imagery compliments the brand palette and bold look, creating a bubbly and exciting feel.

A comprehensive set of brand guidelines was also created to help the client apply their brand consistently across printed literature and digital communications such as social media. We also worked closely with a digital agency to complete the website, making sure that the brand was applied consistently across all areas of the site.

As well as brand guidelines, we also provided Foodsphere with a branded e-brochure, e-newsletter template, social media posts and powerpoint templates.

"Our branding process has never let us down and allows us to create strong brands with a clear purpose and direction. Successful branding depends on it, but it also saves a lot of heart ache in the future by doing things right, first time round."

Beccy Owen, Creative Director, The Creative Alchemist