Ambassador Packs

A welcome pack to fuel action and inspire a movement

As part of our work on the Sport England 'You've Got This' pilot, whose vision it is to promote 'active lives as a way of life', we are targeting two distinct audiences in the marketing strategy. The first audience is those members of the community in South Tees who we would consider as 'inactive'. The second are the movers and shakers who can make system change happen - we're creating a movement built up from passionate supporters and ambassadors who have the influence and power to change the system. This could be anyone from local politicians, teachers or doctors to social media influencers, dietitians and nurses. Everyone has a part to play.

We designed the ambassador packs to engage with our supporters and ambassadors to remind them of their value and importance to the pilot. They are given out to each person who joins the movement, and they not only welcome them onto the pilot but have everything inside to help them on their journey to creating change. Strategically, this piece of comms had a lot of work to do. It needed to have an interesting format to capture attention; reiterate the vision; engage hearts and minds; contain other resources a new partner can use to promote the movement, and reaffirm that they’re part of something exciting.

Each item we chose to put in the packs was carefully thought about and had a purpose. There's no 'filler' content and certainly no fluff. Firstly, a large-format, fold-out leaflet aims to warmly welcome the new ambassador whilst reiterating their role. A '100 Ways To Make A Difference' pack of cards aims to ignite ideas for creating change. Three different, colour-coded cards inside either provide you with a ready-made idea, valuable insight or inspiration for a particular sector.

An 'Ideas' notebook gives ambassadors somewhere to jot down ideas and make plans on the go, whilst 'referral' postcards help them introduce new supporters into the movement, and mini polaroids feature the core team. All items are housed inside a branded, zip-lock bag that can be easily carried around or stored in a desk. We were careful how the pack was presented, using high-quality materials to create something that couldn't be ignored.