Deciding whether to appoint an in-house marketer or an external agency isn’t an easy decision. Often business already have people who are capable of managing their marketing activities, but simply need some help and support to allow their brand to achieve its goals.

Obviously, as an agency, there may be a little bit of bias in this article, but we've all previously worked as in-house marketers, designers and brand managers, as well as having done our fair share of hiring external agencies throughout each of our careers. We've all seen the good and the bad of both sides, which is ultimately the reason behind this post.

Here's a few reasons why you should consider partnering with a brand agency:

>> Creativity

Marketers are naturally creative - it’s at the core of what they do everyday, but being creative doesn’t come easy to many. This is the area most of our clients struggle with and it is particularly true in terms of design and marketing campaigns. Agencies can provide an immediate creative injection and give a different perspective to help move the project forward quickly and keep the focus on the required outcome.

In addition, creating a comprehensive brand that is consistent and tells a compelling story is a skill that requires some serious know-how and ability to both see the vision and execute on that vision. A good branding agency knows the intricacies of taking a brand from concept to completion and also has experience working with various companies at different stages in their business lifecycle. The ability for an agency to see the big picture of your organisation and help you bring your brand to life is critical and extremely valuable.

>> Knowledge and experience

When you hire an agency, you get the benefit of having a team of strategic and creative minds collaborating on your projects, rather than a single person. Within The Creative Alchemist, we have strategists, writers, designers, illustrators, and digital experts, all working together to develop compelling ideas.

An agency team has vast experience of delivering campaigns for a variety of clients in different sectors. Using an agency ensures you will have an entire team supporting you. Their knowledge is built over many years and it means they are instinctively tuned-in to what works and how to make it happen. It’s hard to find this wealth of experience in a single in-house marketer who is also able to stay savvy to the latest digital trends.

>> Financial

Hiring your own marketing staff can be expensive. As well as a basic salary there are plenty of other additional costs, including training and hardware, and in some cases even the need for additional desks. Working with an agency allows you to pay a flat fee for what you need or a retainer if that suits you better. Agency teams include a blended mix of experts who can deliver specific tasks in a cost-effective way. This means reduced costs for your business.

>> Focus

In today’s business world we all struggle to find the time to do all the things we want to achieve. We work with many talented business people who are simply struggling to focus on their marketing strategy. Hiring an agency will ensure your brand receives the attention it needs.

>> The bigger picture

Often when you have an in house brand or marketing team, they can become bogged down with the smaller jobs and admin that need to be completed, missing out on the 'bigger picture' of the brand and the long term company goals. Being immersed in your business every day has many advantages but you can often be left feeling like you are drowning in the more immediate priorities. Meaning your brand and marketing strategy can be left behind, leaving you feeling frustrated. An agency can help with perspective and make decision-making easier and quicker.

The ability for an external brand agency to see the bigger picture of your company and help you bring your brand to life is critical and probably the most valuable.

Outsourcing your marketing and design may well be one of the best decisions you make. If you feel that your business could benefit from an injection of creativity or help with your marketing strategy then please give us a call to arrange an informal chat - we would love to see you!