We’re a creative brand agency, so naturally, being creative is what we do. We invent, draw, visualise, dream, problem-solve and imagine on a daily basis. But for some people, creativity doesn't come as easily as it does for others.

Every business requires creative thinkers, and they come in many forms - scientists, inventors, designers, researchers, engineers, technical developers, business entrepreneurs, writers and artists. Creativity is a skill, that with practice you can learn and improve on. Here's a few tips that we find helpful when we're looking to inject some creativity into your working day:

1. Doodle as a team. Start the doodle and pass it on. This will show how as a team you can build upon your creative ideas together and get the outcome you require.

2. Move away from your desk and try a different creative environment. This can be the fastest way to get out of a rut.
Make time for creative thinking. Let your mind wander without distractions. This quality, uninterrupted time may result in a flow of new ideas.

3. Change your scene. Go for a run or a walk in the park. A change of environment may just provide the creative stimulation you are looking for.

4. Have an open mindset. Be inquisitive and curious. It’s so much more fun than being the person who stone walls creativity.

5. Keep a scrapbook or Pinterest board of things you like. Become a magpie, gathering inspiration in one place for you to dip into for creative inspiration.

6. Observe the world around you; there's so many stimuli out there for new ideas!