The Live Well Centre

Creating a stand-out brand for a unique health hub

The Live Well Centre is a first for the UK. Offering a wide range of support all under one roof, the new centre, at the heart of the Tees Valley, offers support for addictive behaviours, mental health issues and lifestyle choices. This unique model had never been tried before, so they approached us to help us create a strong brand identity and communications strategy that would match their vision and truly communicate the pioneering nature of the project.

The new centre aims to empower, strengthen and encourage those with physical and mental issues to take control and make a difference to their lives. Through our own research and numerous workshops with key stakeholders, we decided on the brand concept of ‘I’m energised for change’ to shape the brand identity. This theme was brought to life through an exuberant colour palette, action-based photography and a style of language that demanded action.

A brand new website allows the target market to be able to access immediate, lightweight support online as well as learn more about what the centre has to offer. Vibrant wall graphics and a simple way-finding system was created to help residents navigate their way around The Live Well Centre as well as a suite of printed materials including leaflets, appointment cards and exhibition stands to help the team spread the word.

Impressively, within the first six months the centre exceeded its projected occupancy rates, helping to bring together like-minded service providers. Following on from the initial brand launch, The Creative Alchemist developed a 12 month marketing strategy for The Live Well Centre in order to allow the team to focus on growing occupancy and visitor numbers.