Teesside Hospice

Advocates of living life until the end of life

Teesside Hospice are changing lives across Teesside by supporting people and families who’ve been affected by a terminal illness. They help them make the most of every day by ensuring they receive the best possible care by creating experiences and memories that last a lifetime. As a corporate partner we worked alongside the hospice to help create a visual identity that matched their vision, better aligning their internal ambitions with their external persona.

The hospice had felt for a while that it was time to improve how they communicated what they did and knew they needed more clarity and consistency in order to achieve this. They needed to speak with one voice that expressed their personality in a way that clearly communicated their values and behaviour. They wanted to be recognised as much by their voice, as they were by their look.

"Lisa and the team did a fantastic job. Hospice care is a complex message to communicate and they made it look easy. Attention to detail, a creative outlook and a long-term perspective were all part of the package. The team took the time to get to know us and really understand what we’re about. From this they captured our brand essence and produced a warm, welcoming and calm brand that tells our story. We're thrilled with the finished brand which has now been applied to everything from patient information to our collection tins. It’s made our communications so much easier and we can’t stop looking at our newly branded website social media. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you!"

Debbie Coulson
Head of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications

It was important to the team that the brand reflected what it was like to be at the hospice. They wanted the identity to be representative of the compassionate care patients and families received. To achieve this we've created a much warmer brand, losing the cold, harsh bright blue and yellow of the previous identity and replacing them with a warm orange, raspberry red and deep purples. Although the hospice provides clinical care, a huge part of their role is to provide emotional support and it was this aspect we wanted to focus on for the branding.

By recreating the logo in a bespoke, handwritten style we gave the hospice a softer, less corporate feel. We also established a clear tone of voice for their brand, one of empathy, warmth and approachability. The fuzzy shapes represent the feeling of compassion and come in all different shapes and sizes to represent the fact that everyone's care needs are different. We picked out an equally fuzzy typeface for titles but kept the rest of the typography simple and clean.