Martina Hinds

Creating a new brand for a professional therapist

Martina Hinds is a professional Bowen and EMMETT therapist using complementary, holistic therapies to treat musculoskeletal issues, neurological problems, improve body movement and enhance quality of life. After being accepted into the prestigious York Clinic, Martina needed a more professional brand identity to reflect her high-quality therapies and personable brand values. As well as a new brand identity, we also created a comprehensive set of brand guidelines so that Martina could make sure all her future marketing was consistent.

Focusing on the treatments available, which are administered through pressure applied by the hands, we developed a handwritten logo to communicate the brand values. The accompanying colour palette echoes skin textures and also has a calming and relaxing feel, helping to communicate that the treatments offered by Martina improve the clients' wellbeing. We chose photography that concentrates on specific parts of the body, to help communicate Martina’s knowledge about the various joints and muscle activation points across the body.