Avenium Engineering

Engineering at its best

Avenium Engineering create complex systems that integrate high-quality products in order to control the flow of fluids; specifically gas and oil. At the moment this is their main focus however, they want to introduce new revenue streams in the future to grow the business. Working with demanding brands like BP and Total, clients expect a very high level of service. Avenium pride themselves on being fair, sticking to the rules and ultimately doing a good job for their clients.

We discovered that Aveniums USP is 'they'll find a way'. They are a team of incredibly adept problem-solvers, whatever the problem they strive to find a way to solve it. The complex nature of what Avenium do directed us to design a logo which reflects this. The icon part of the logo has been created to emphasise their ability to solve problems and create interlocking systems, whilst the heavy typeface makes the logo feel sturdy and reliable. We have used a colour palette made up of a blue and different shades of grey to emphasise the industrial side of the brand.