Alrose Productions

Putting their expertise in the spotlight

Established in 2002, Alrose Productions (previously A.S. Audio) have worked hard to build a reputation for providing creative, high energy event production. Their portfolio is broad, offering full-service production for roadshows, product launches and exhibitions as well as fashion shows, awards ceremonies and staff away days.

With nearly two decades worth of experience under their belt, Alrose felt a rebrand would help bring clarity to their offer and help communicate their wealth of knowledge and experience. They also needed to make sure that their brand resonated with event organisers, creatives and those working in marketing and promotions.

By getting to know the team better, we soon established that their USP was their creativity. No-one else in the sector was pushing how imaginative or inventive their events were, but Alrose had been doing it for years. As well as this, no-body looked nearly as much fun to work with. Alrose is a family business, and their personable and approachable nature shone through. Working in tandem, these two findings led us to create an authentic identity that the team could embrace.

The hand-drawn logo carries through the personable nature of the team, while the colourful palette of bright yellow, orange and turquoise add a playful, fun and energetic feel. Abstract graphics inspired by the audio and visual equipment are coupled with fresh, emotive photography to create a really lively and dynamic brand.

As well as developing the brand for Alrose Productions, we re-designed and built a bespoke website for them, putting more focus on the thought and creativity behind each of their events. The new look will allow Alrose to build their business, expand into new sectors and approach bigger clients with confidence.