BRIEF  |  Local Motion is a government funded initiative that promotes the use of sustainable transport in the local area. This includes walking and cycling, public transport and smarter driving techniques like lift sharing. It was our job to create a new campaign to encourage commuters across the Tees Valley to try a new way to travel on their daily commute and pledge their commitment to make the change.

RESPONSE  |  We created an engaging marketing campaign that encouraged the public to ‘Turn rush hour into your happy hour’. We humanised the creative to deliver three distinct messages that pushed the benefits of pubic transport and cycling. The 4 week campaign combined online advertising, social media adverts and content alongside the distribution of postcards to popular venues throughout the Tees Valley. To create an extra buzz around the launch we collaborated with three-time Olympic long-jumper Chris Tomlinson who endorsed the campaign.

RESULTS  | Website visits during the campaign increased by 574% and a record 173 people pledged to change their commute.

SCOPE OF WORK  | Design  |  Marketing  |  PR & Social Media  |  Media Buying

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