BRIEF | Middlesbrough Council appointed The Creative Alchemist to create a brand for a new, unique health and wellbeing hub in the town centre. The aim of the centre was to combine a wide range of services under one roof – a first for the region – so it was essential to communicate and engage with various target audiences in the right way.

The challenge was to create a striking brand identity, launch the new services to the community through various marketing activities and develop an overarching marketing and communication strategy to ensure consistency and maintain the reputation of the centre.

The brand needed to reflect the hub’s three key areas: addictive behaviour, mental health and lifestyle; plus a fourth workstream of social inclusion and wellbeing support.

After initially working with the team at a branding and naming workshop, we identified that the new brand must:

  • Empower residents to take control
  • Communicate the holistic nature of the service
  • Convey this is a wider wellbeing offer, not just about health
  • Have a positive outlook and inspire people
  • Communicate the uniqueness of the project, making sure the identity is not ‘corporate’

RESPONSE | To develop an engaging brand, we first held a series of workshops with Middlesbrough Council, exploring who we were communicating with, what the offering was, why it was so important and how services would be delivered.

We concluded that the brand must reinforce the key message throughout, which was to empower people to make positive changes for their own health and wellbeing.

The Creative Alchemist team then distilled all of this information and developed a brand identity that would really speak to the residents of Middlesbrough. It was important to represent the key areas while keeping the messaging clear and concise.

During internal discussions, we created the name The Live Well Centre, and carefully developed the mission to incorporate everything Middlesbrough Council aimed to achieve.

From there we created the big idea: “I’m energised for change”. This encompasses The Live Well Centre’s values:

  • A ‘can do’ attitude – we always focus on the positives
  • Compassion – we are dedicated to improving other people’s lives
  • Collaboration – we champion teamwork and collaboration

We developed the language, tone and style to reflect and reinforce these values. To represent the centre’s three key areas, we developed three strands: Quit Well, Think Well and Energise Well. Each service fits into one of these strands, making it clear what is on offer and letting residents know there is support available in several areas.

The visual identity we created really brought the brand to life. Using purple and yellow, which represent quality and happiness, we combine action-based language and photography to be relatable and inspire the audience to make positive changes.


TLWC_Web-Pages_2Following on from the successful development of the brand identity, we then built a full marketing strategy for the initial launch of the centre and the 12 months following. This included a wide range of promotional activities including branded materials to be produced, events including a launch event to engage the community and key press releases to communicate the services offered and manage the reputation of the centre.

In addition, we also created a website for The Live Well Centre to act as a first point of access to the residents of Middlesbrough.

RESULTS |  The identity created was a huge success and engages the residents of Middlesbrough. The messaging encourages local people to take control of their own health and wellbeing and access The Live Well Centre’s Think Well, Energise Well and Quit Well services.

With the centre due to open in Summer 2017, activities are still underway to promote the hub, including an exclusive open event which will take place in July.

“We have been extremely impressed with the work undertaken by The Creative Alchemist in developing the brand and overarching marketing and communications strategy for The Live Well Centre in Middlesbrough.

The team are incredibly organised, professional and easy to work with – bringing an optimal mix of knowledge, fun and experience to the creative process. From the inception of The Live Well Centre brand development, The Creative Alchemist have simplified and re-invigorated, a complex – and often undesirable – service offer. Their capacity to assimilate our brief, amidst the jargon and sometimes specialist nature of our services, is remarkable – and the end-product outstanding.

Working with The Creative Alchemist has both challenged and transformed the way we think about our services, stakeholders and organisational image. We’ve felt consistently part of the process and have been nurtured into co-producing a strong, fresh and game-changing brand for health and wellbeing.” – Lisa Jones, Project Manager, The Live Well Centre

SCOPE OF WORK  Design  |  Branding | Marketing | PR | Digital | Events Management