BRIEF  |  This family run business launched in 1975. Since then the company has evolved and grown into the leading supplier of NDT equipment and consumables in the UK collaborating with high profile brands such as Fuji Film (UK). The existing logo was a single typographical representation of the company name which looked dated and unsophisticated. An identity refresh was required to bring the brand up to date and reflect the business growth.

RESPONSE  |  A youthful and contemporary visual identity has been created for Fidgeon. Their new logo is a dynamic adaptation of an ‘F’ combined with signal waves. Inspired by the illuminating light that glows during a number of processes they use, a soft, coloured overlay creates an elegant style for Fidgeon’s photography, whilst their products still remain the focal point of the images.

RESULTS  |  A friendly, clear and legible identity that stands out from its competitors and proudly stands alongside high profile brand partners. It is contemporary and youthful, bringing a dynamic look to a corporate market.

SCOPE OF WORK  |  Branding  |  Design

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