BRIEF  |  To bring together the disparate offerings of retail and clinical under one unified strategy and visual identity. Despite their 89 year heritage, Cooper & Barr face being overwhelmed by the “cheap and quick” double threat from competing highstreet giants.

RESPONSE  |  Unable to compete with bulk buying power, and unwilling to make people feel like they’re at a drive-thru, we opted to differentiate by owning “good.” But ours is a very specific definition of “good” backed up by over 89 years of expertise. It places a high priority on old-fashioned values like time, care and attention. This is complemented by highly advanced testing technology and an artfully curated frame selection for the more discerning customer. We distilled this new differentiated brand essence as, “Clearly daring vision.”

RESULTS  |  The brand summary gives Cooper & Barr a clear, differentiated, and defendable position in the market place. From there, we developed a striking identity that paid homage to some of their early signage while reinforcing their heritage and daring brand position. The essence proved so popular it was adapted into a tagline. We continue to work with them to refresh marketing materials and implement a tactical marketing plan to increase awareness and sales.

SCOPE OF WORK  |  Branding  |  Design  |  Art Direction

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